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Get ready for fast-paced action and an exciting way to boost your financial brain power. You read that right. With STRUCT®, ING proves that financial fun isn’t an oxymoron.

Join your crew – Clay, Mo, and Tiny – as they race to build increasingly complex structures out of steel, wood and glass. Use the right mix of materials and you’ll be rewarded. But be careful – a wrong move could impact your strategy. Just like saving and investing, there are risks and rewards.

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STRUCT works with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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STRUCT Overview

It’s easy to play. Simply select your team, and then tap on your crew to drop material in place. Follow the blueprint and score big. Keep an eye out for Maverick – your
four-legged friend is a bit unpredictable but can score you big points.

  • Select your crew members and learn from their personalities
  • With each completed STRUCT, your blueprint gets more challenging. See if you can complete all 12!
  • Rewards based on speed and precision…you’ll see it’s hard to do both!
  • Hammer away multiple tricky achievements
  • Build School makes financial terms fun (ok…maybe not, but we tried)
  • Game Center enabled leaderboard for showing off your building skills

It’s a unique, captivating gaming experience. STRUCT is a game you may never want to put down.

STRUCT Crew Members


Some call me slow poke because I’m not a risk taker. It may take me longer but I’m all about getting the job done - safely. Safety glasses. Check. Helmet. Check. Tool belt. Check. Think you don’t need me? Think again – my skills can be important to your strategy.


Hey there! The name is Mo. I like to take a good look around before I make my choices. I work at an even pace—not too fast and not too slow. I’ll take a risk, but only if I can find a way to keep it balanced.


If you want the job done fast, then I’m your guy. I am not averse to taking risks because I understand that things don’t always work out the way I want. I’ve had some highs and lows, but that changes daily. If you don’t mind the ups and downs of my style, build your team around me!


I’m a wild one. When you see me, you’ve got seconds to make a decision. I can’t predict the outcome, but you have to move fast or the opportunity is over.


Listen up and listen good. There’s a reason why I run things here. Not to toot my own bullhorn but I know my way around this place, so what I have to say will only help you. Now let’s start building!

STRUCT Materials


Steel is heavy. While it’s important to your structure, you’ll build faster if you mix it with wood and glass. It’s a bit like cash investments. It’s slow to build but always there.


Wood is a moderate material. It’s sturdy but can be affected by the elements. Kind of like bonds – a steady performer but not risk free. Alone, they’re not likely to get the job done.


Glass is lightweight so you can build quickly. But it can also be fragile. Kind of like stock investments – you hope they gain in value, but have to be patient as they can go up and down. Supporting glass with other materials can help you build taller.

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